Press release

International hunt for Andy Brown

The Ministry is currently looking for the Muggle responsible for the security breaches over the Christmas Period. Andy Brown, former head of the Department for Use of Muggle Technologies, is now at large.

Making the ministry website accessible to the Muggle population constitutes a complete breach of the Wizarding community’s cover.

The former Head of the Department for the Use of Muggle Technologies gave no indication of what he was planning to do when he left work on Friday the 20th of December. Mr. Brown is shown in the photo on the left, taken on his first day at the Ministry.

The Ministry has been informed that Mr. Brown is currently in hiding and that he is under the protection of the fidelius charm. We are urgently seeking any information about this missing suspect, and request that any associate of Mr. Brown be made known to the Ministry at once, as they may be the secret keeper for the fidelius charm. We know that he usually associates with a group calling themselves Entrepreneur First.

Witches and Wizards who spot Andy are advised to act with caution. Although he is not magical, we suspect he may have a number of magical accomplices.

John Dawlish, Head of the Department of Magical Law Enforcement, said:

We urge anyone, magical or Muggle, to come forward if they have any information pertaining to the whereabouts of this individual.