Press release

Security Breach for the Ministry of Magic on the Internet

On December 23rd a Muggle employee of the Ministry of Magic released this website to the Muggle Community. Site security is still breached and Wizarding community news is publicised to Muggles for the first time in over 300 years. We are doing everything possible to rectify the situation.

TThe Muggle suspect, Mr. Brown, headed up the recently-created Department for the Use of Muggle Technologies at the Ministry of Magic; the website was created to allow the Wizarding community to better understand Muggle Technology, and facilitate interaction between the Ministry and any wizards with access to a computer.

Although computer uptake is generally low in the wizarding world, the decision was taken to render the Ministry “future-proof”, and to “bring us into the 21st Century”.

On the 24th of December the Ministry became aware that the website was accessible and viewable by Muggles. Unfortunately the remaining members of the Department for the Use of Muggle Technologies only know how to change content. The Ministry is seeking experts with a greater understanding of the internet and digital technologies to assist.

Deputy Head of the department, Reg Catermole, said:

We are not entirely sure how to shut down the website. We have correctly shut down [the Muggle] government computer, which only required 13 minutes. We then took the extra precaution of destroying the device with a number of spells but that doesn't seem to have done the trick

Detailed documentation of the website processes suggest that it is being run “in the cloud”; it is not entirely evident which cloud the documentation refers to, but we currently have teams of ministry officials scouring the skies of Britain searching for this cloud facility. Luckily, we can say with relative certainty that the cloud used for the site is located in the UK, as clouds in other countries were a serious security risk. We hope to have an answer shortly.

The Minister for Magic said:

I am confident that ministry officials will have the matter under control as quickly as magically possible. Until then we urge witches and wizards to be extremely alert and to make themselves inconspicuous in the presence of Muggles. The Ministry thanks you for your support.

We are seeking alternative solutions to this issue. The website was built using the Government Digital Service open source template. We have a highly specialised team of Aurors searching for this source, hoping that they may be able to close it.

We are also looking for input from large government IT suppliers. Although the recently departed Head of Muggle Technology insisted that we should have nothing to do with them, they have assured us that they provide Value For Gold (VFG) on all large-scale government IT projects and they always deliver on time and on budget.