What we do

We are the legislative body that represents all magical individuals in the UK. We are responsible for and oversee all instances of magic within the UK. We are also responsible for the protection of British muggles and maintaining the anonymity of the magical community.

MoM constitutes 12 main departments which oversee specific areas of magical interest.

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We work on these topics

  1. Muggle & wizarding community separation

    The Ministry of Magic is responsible for maintaining the concealment of the wizarding community from the muggle community. We monitor all wizarding activity and protect the muggles of Britain from any negative wizard phenomena. This activity is ultimately for the benefit of the wizarding community.Read more

  2. Policing the wizarding community

    The Ministry of Magic recognises that not all wizards and witches use their power for the good of others. The practice of this magic, known as the 'Dark Arts', is strictly prohibited. It is the responsibility of the Department of Magical Law Enforcement to enforce wizarding law and prosecute offenders.Read more

  3. Magical Transport

    The Ministry of Magic is responsible for operating and maintaining the various magical transport systems available to the wizarding community. This work is carried out by the Department of Magical Transportation.Read more

  4. Games and Sports

    The Ministry of Magic is responsible for organising sporting events, for example the last Quidditch World Cup which was held in the UK.Read more

Our policies

  1. Promoting Muggle awareness

    How the Ministry of Magic increases awareness and consideration for the muggles of Britain.

  2. Inclusivity and Diversity

    What the Ministry of Magic is doing to make sure every witch and wizard is treated equally and fairly.

  3. Promotion of international wizarding relations

    How the Ministry of Magic is improving relations between us and the wizard and witches of other nations.

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